Memorial Day

Memorial Day campers and outdoor recreationists encouraged to be good stewards, show respect for Idaho lands

Many people – potentially record numbers of people – are expected to venture into Idaho State Parks, National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands and other federal and state lands to go camping and engage in outdoor recreation activities over Memorial Day weekend, the traditional beginning of the summer outdoor season.

State and federal agency officials urge campers and recreationists to Recreate Responsibly this weekend by setting a positive example as good land stewards and outdoor ambassadors. Practice Leave No Trace principles such as packing out garbage and planning ahead. Make a plan with several options for where to go on what could be a very busy weekend.

More tips for Memorial Day weekend and beyond:

  • Know where to go – tap into Idaho trip-planning resources. Reserve your campsite in advance (highly recommended)
    • Idaho Fish and Game Fishing Planner web site provides hundreds of tips on where to go fishing for the traditional Memorial Day fishing season opener. 
  • Practice proper trail/boat ramp/dock etiquette – Be patient and neighborly to other outdoor recreationists, including those who might be engaging in a different type of activity than you are.  
  • Prevent human-caused wildfires – 80 percent of the wildfire starts in Idaho are started by humans in a typical year. Be sure to snuff out your campfire by fully by dousing it with water before leaving your camp site.

So far in 2021, Idaho is reporting 170 wildfires that have burned 3,100 acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Of those, only two fires and 2 acres were lightning-caused. Ninety-eight percent of the fires were human-caused.

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