Be Prepared

Many outdoor facilities and outfitters are reopening and need your support. Do the research to find which facilities are open for day-use, require reservations or offer overnight camping. Also learn about capacity limits, special regulations and available supplies. If your destination is at capacity when you arrive, have a Plan B.

Play it Safe

As we ease back into things, know your limits and use extra caution, especially in crowded areas where it might be difficult to practice social distancing. Make sure you maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others, and bring a mask just in case the trail or boat dock is a little more crowded than you anticipated. When participating in extreme sports or a new activity, keep in mind that outdoor recreation staff is limited and rescue crews may not be able to help, so slow down and do not take risks.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Minimize physical contact by preparing in advance. Pack in all the food and water you will need for the trip plus all safety essentials such as hand sanitizer, face masks, flashlight, a wind and rain jacket, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. And after you have used it, pack it out. Leave No Trace so the next group can have the same restorative experience.

Keep it Close To Home

You do not need to travel far to feel the benefits of Idaho’s natural wonders. The closer you stay to home the more time you will have to enjoy Idaho’s outdoors. Please limit your adventures to your immediate household and wear a mask when physical distancing is not an option.