Know Before You Go

Take the time in advance of your trip to research the locations you're planning to visit and make a plan. Be sure to know which facilities are open for day use, require reservations, or offer overnight camping. Make sure you're aware of any capacity limits, special regulations, and available supplies. If your destination is at capacity when you arrive, have a Plan B. And always remember to tell someone where you're going.

Recreate Within Your Limits

As we spend more time adventuring in the outdoors, know your limits and make safe choices. Keep in mind that outdoor recreation staff may be limited and rescue crews may not always be able to help immediately. Slow down and do not take risks.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Pack in all the food and water you will need for your trip plus all safety essentials such as a flashlight, wind and rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Few recreation areas have trash service and the campfire ring is not a dumpster. Bring trash bags with you. After you use it, pack it out. Leave No Trace so the next group can have the same restorative experience.

Be Fire Safe

A campfire is a special part of an outdoor experience. Please follow campfire safety guidelines to ensure your campfire does not pose a threat to Idaho’s public lands. Monitor campfire restrictions and make sure campfires are permitted at your campsite. Use the designated grill or campfire ring to keep small campfires contained. Completely extinguish campfires with water. Drown your campfire DEAD out.