On the Water

Find plenty of calm waters for kayaking and canoeing. Take it even easier by viewing waterfalls along our rivers. At Upper Mesa Falls near Ashton, take a short walk from the parking lot to the boardwalk to feel and hear the powerful waterfall. Hike a mile to Lower Mesa Falls to feel the mist on your face. Wherever you go in Idaho, water recreation is close by. Follow these tips to recreate safely.

  • If you are a beginner, take a safety course with an experienced outfitter. Always stay within your skill and comfort level.
  • Always wear proper safety gear. Remember to wear sunscreen and bring a hat.
  • Prep and pack your boat in the parking lot to limit time on boat docks.
  • Give yourself and others plenty of extra time to account for busy conditions and thorough safety protocols.

Looking for more information?

Check these resources for current guidelines to ensure safe
outdoor adventures in Idaho.