Don’t Cramp the Ramp, Be a Good Boater

Ramps can be a bottleneck for boaters, especially during peak times when lots of people are trying to launch or trailer their boats at the same time. To ensure things go as smoothly as possible, boaters and others can follow these tips to minimize congestion and problems:

  • Be ready to launch when you back down the ramp. Prep in advance and load as much gear as possible into the boat before you launch to minimize shuttling between the vehicle and boat after it’s launched.
  • Ensure plugs are in your boat, the battery is charged and working, and there’s adequate fuel. You don’t want to discover you’re taking on water, have a dead battery, or an empty gas tank right after you launch the boat.
  • If you’re launching portable craft, such as rafts, kayaks and other small craft that aren’t on trailers, try to leave enough room for trailers to use the ramp.
  • When trailering your boat, clear the ramp immediately and use the parking area above the ramp to prep your boat for travel.
  • Minimize dock time and stay toward the end of the dock to allow maximum space for others to launch and retrieve.
  • If you’re not launching or trailering a boat, don’t use the boat ramp as a fishing or recreation spot.
  • Be patient, be kind, be helpful. Being confrontational isn’t likely to speed up the process, but it can create hard feelings and spoil a good day on the water.