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Recreate Responsibly Idaho Launches Summer 2022 Campaign

The campaign will focus on empowering individuals to recreate responsibly with the support of Idaho businesses, outdoor and conservation organizations, government agencies, and all who love Idaho. NEWS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Steve Stuebner, Recreate Responsibly Idaho coordinator, 208-484-0295, steve.stuebner@gmail.comRobbie Johnson, PIO, Idaho Department of Lands, 208-908-1786, rjohnson@idl.idaho.govMatt Borud, Idaho Department of Commerce, […]

Illegal dumping near Mountain Home threatens recreation on State Endowment Land

Mountain Home, ID – (Sept. 27, 2022) – Two trailers and two pickup beds were filled with trash after Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) employees and volunteers cleaned up State Endowment Land near Mountain Home, a popular site for trucks, recreational vehicles and target shooting. People have illegally dumped refrigerators, couches, mattresses, end tables and […]

Know where to go before you go – Tips for hunters on OHVs

With hunting seasons coming up or under way in Idaho – depending on location – it’s important hunters who like to access the backcountry with motorbikes, ATVs or UTVs to research where you can go and specifically what routes you can take on your trail machine. (Video courtesy Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership and the Idaho […]

ICL Wilderness Stewards fix issues with fire rings, litter, water

The Idaho Conservation League’s Wilderness Stewardship Program fielded about 65 volunteers in Summer 2022 to patrol many of Idaho’s wilderness and roadless areas to clean up litter and human waste around camp sites, dismantle fire rings, and help educate wilderness users, among other things.   Following a one-day training session, ICL volunteer patrols hit the […]

Defacing Public Lands with Graffiti is a No-No!

Via the Recreate Responsibly Idaho campaign, we’ve shared a number of bad-actor issues occurring on Idaho’s public lands in recent times, including careless campers igniting wildfires, people leaving trash at camp sites, minding your wake when boating, recreational shooters causing trigger trash, and more. A major increase in Graffiti is another issue that’s been surfacing […]

Prepare for Quick Evacuation in Wildfire Season

A wildlfire is burning rapidly toward your home in the Idaho mountains. Suddenly, you’ve been told that you must leave your home and evacuate now! Maybe you have time to ready family and property, or maybe not.  What to do? Our advice is to leave. Sixty percent of lives lost to wildland fire occur because […]

Sheep guard dogs have a job to do – Please leave them in the field

Everyone loves dogs. But some dogs aren’t pets. Idaho sheep ranchers use special dog breeds to protect their flocks from predators. These are livestock guardian dogs that have been bred to fend off coyotes, wolves, bears and mountain lions from killing sheep. The dogs are a non-lethal method of protecting sheep – it’s a long-standing […]

Be Bear Aware

Fall in Idaho is a beautiful time of year with an array of yellow, orange, and red tones painted across the hills, mountains and valleys. Add in the crisp, cool air, and fall is a prime season to head out on the trails. But please be aware that people won’t be the only ones out […]

Mind Your Wake

Powerful deep-draft surf boats create large waves that are fun for surfing, but it’s important to realize that the large wakes from those boats have an impact on other boaters, the shoreline, boat docks and private property. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation recommends these tips for wake boaters to observe: Stay at least […]

Life Jackets Save Lives!  

Idaho has seen more than its share of drownings and close calls so far in this boating/summer season on our lakes and rivers. One common denominator in all of the incidents is that the victims often times were not wearing a life jacket, officials said. According to national statistics, about 3,500 people drown per year […]

“Extreme” Fire Danger in Southern Idaho

As we turned the page into August this week, the Bureau of Land Management has increased the fire danger rating in the Boise District in Southwest Idaho and Twin Falls District in Southern Idaho to “Extreme.” Fire danger in the Idaho Falls BLM District is listed as “High.” That means all of the tall grass […]