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Recreate Responsibly Idaho’s Show and Tell Summer launches Memorial Day Weekend

The public has a new role in effort to identify abuse on the landscape and encourage proper use STATEWIDE – Idaho continues to burst at the seams in many locations as the ever-growing state brings in new residents eager to join long-time Idahoans in enjoying the state’s recreation opportunities, as well as visitors excited to […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day campers and outdoor recreationists encouraged to be good stewards, show respect for Idaho lands Many people – potentially record numbers of people – are expected to venture into Idaho State Parks, National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands and other federal and state lands to go camping and engage in outdoor recreation […]

Responsible Shooting…

When you’re out target shooting, be sure to follow these best practices from Tread Lightly to protect your safety and the safety of others. Please remember that exploding targets and fireworks are prohibited on Idaho public lands Target shooting is generally allowed on national forest and BLM lands as long as it’s done in a safe manner, […]

What To Do If You Encounter Sheep or Cattle on the Trail…

When people are out recreating on Idaho public lands, they may encounter sheep or cattle on the trail. Many of Idaho’s public lands are managed for multiple use – meaning they are working lands for livestock and ranching and places to enjoy for people out camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, riding ATVs and motorbikes and […]