Ready for Adventure?

6 Ways to Get Outside in Idaho

Idaho’s epic whitewater, thrilling trails and ziplines through the treetops are here when you’re ready for an adrenaline rush. Whether you’re seeking adventure or just looking to unwind, Idaho’s great outdoors are a reminder that being outside soothes the soul.

Recreate Responsibly

Keep yourself and others safe and keep our public lands open by taking these four steps to Recreate Responsibly.

1) Be Prepared

Take the time in advance of your trip to do the research on the locations you're planning to visit. Be sure to know which facilities are open for day-use, require reservations or offer overnight camping. Also learn about capacity limits, special regulations and available supplies. If your destination is at capacity when you arrive, have a Plan B.

2) Play it Safe

As we spend more time adventuring in the outdoors, know your limits and keep in mind that outdoor recreation staff may be limited and rescue crews may not always be able to help immediately. Slow down and do not take risks.

3) Pack It In, Pack It Out

Pack in all the food and water you will need for the trip plus all safety essentials such as a flashlight, a wind and rain jacket, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. After you have used it, pack it out. Leave No Trace so the next group can have the same restorative experience.

4) Know Before You Go

Be sure to consult recreation websites, resources and other information to know if trails, forests and other areas are open to the public. Some areas remain closed until later in the year or require reservations. Doing some research before departing can save you a disappointing trip.

Where can I go to ______?

  • Road bikers and mountain bikers find adventures of a lifetime on Idaho’s extensive network of trails.

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  • Hike to a waterfall, hike up a mountain, hike through a secret valley...throughout Idaho, find trails that lead to natural wonders.

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  • With scenic lakes and some of the best whitewater rivers in the country, Idaho’s water sports go from mild to wild.

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  • From blue-ribbon trout streams and mighty rivers to deep lakes and reservoirs, fishing in Idaho is as diverse as it gets.

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  • For a trip you will remember forever, hop on ATVs and dirt bikes to journey deep into the wilderness.

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  • With 60% of Idaho designated as public land, outdoor adventurers will find plenty of places to sleep under the stars.

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  • Saddle up with experienced guides for pack trips and trail rides at ranches across the state.

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